Mule 750 and 1000 POWERFUL! 
PUMA 5000 FAST! 
Stalker 750 FIERCE! 
Storm 750 and 1000 AGGRESSIVE! 

Our Advantages

Research and Development

The focus of our research and development team, at BackCountry eBikes, was to design the most dependable, efficient, and  comfortable fat tire electric bikes available.  Our ebikes were designed to be electric bikes from the beginning, and not simply regular bikes, modified to function as ebikes.  The stresses and demands placed on an electric bike used to haul, not only the rider, but his gear and game, in and out of the back country, are much greater than those placed on a regular bike.  For this reason, we designed and manufactured our ebikes around the most important part of the bike, the drive train.  BackCountry eBikes utilizes the latest, most technologically advanced motors and lithium ion batteries on the market. Whether you’re riding  the powerful Mule to access remote areas, tackling the most aggressive terrain on the Storm, or flying back up the trail to grab the truck after a long drift boat ride on the Stalker, our dependable ebikes will make sure you get there and back.

Testing and Trial

BackCountry eBikes was conceptualized and developed by hunters and outdoorsmen that love to get off the beaten path and access remote areas with as little impact as possible on wildlife and the environment.  We also wanted a way to move quicker, quieter, and scent free from one hunting spot to another.  Our journey of testing and trial started in 2015 with several demo ebikes.  We’ve tested multiple frames and components, as well as, mid-drive motors, rear-drive motors and even 2 wheel drive ebikes on just about any type of terrain you can imagine.  Whether its snow, mud, rock or sand on steep climbs or descending technical terrain, we’ve done it all.  What we learned is, if we’re going to plan our hunts around ebikes, they will need to get us, our gear, and our game in and out of these remote areas. They need to be dependable, rugged, and functional.  We believe thru countless hours of testing and trial, in the harshest of environments, that we have assembled a line of back country ebikes that will be just that! We dare you to try one on your next hunt, fishing trip, or trail ride because we’re certain it will put a smile on your face and you’ll be wondering how you ever did it before without one.

Read What Other Happy Customers Have to Say!

I LOVE MY E-BIKE! I like to go into places where I normally wouldn’t hike to. I probably pack in more stuff than most would because I like to go out for a few days. I get to know the area I plan on hunting, it’s much easier to cover ground and I don’t exhaust myself going out.  Dave, did say I wouldn’t break a sweat going out and let me tell ya.. the man is correct. I like the solar charging its nice to have and I use the USB to power my tablet and use my phone to check out the terrain. I see a place i want to  go and I GO!  and it doesn’t take me hours. THANKS for my Ebike and I recommend a Back Country Ebike to everyone!

Robert A.

I have been hunting and hiking almost all my life.  I use my eBike to do a lot of different things. Sometimes I use it to get out and just go into the mountains. I have a few favorite trails and a few I have made myself.  My eBike gives me an escape. I have taken it on trips as well I have the Stalker model.  It gets me everywhere I want to go and then some. Recently the places I hunted in the last few years I’m going out and shooting pictures of the wonders I have came across.  The USB feature and the solar charging I credit for saving my bacon.  If you want one get one, it will convince you!  I would like to give a shout out to the Back Country ebike guys THANKS GUYS!

K. Martinez

I wanted one for a long time, I couldn’t decide if it would make a difference in going out, I did get one the custom built brands by Back Country eBikes fit my wish list out the shoot. I’m never giving it up! I cannot explain all the benefits and uses for the eBike. I love it, I use it and now two of my fellow hunters have them we are in the final stages of planning a full on onslaught to the “back country” If your considering buying a eBike ride one I think you’ll react the same as I did. Back Country eBikes dialed it in these bikes are POWERFUL!  thank you so much.  See ya in the back country!