Western Hunting & Conservation Expo

What to know before purchasing a fat tire electric hunting bike & how it can elevate the way you hunt!

Ebikes are becoming more and more popular in the hunting industry. However, many hunters purchase an ebike with limited understanding of ebike motors, batteries, components, and gearing, all of which can limit or enhance the ebikes ability to perform. This seminar will address the most critical components of an ebike, thus, allowing the consumer to make an educated purchase based on the intended application. We will discuss the differences between hub-drive and mid-drive motors as well as the difference between a torque sensing motor and a non-torque sensing motor. We will help the consumer understand lithium ion batteries, and how they, along with the motor, rider weight, terrain, and multiple other factors influence the distance you can travel on a single charge. We will explain the importance of running the correct gears for the type of terrain being hunted. We will discuss laws and regulations that govern the use of ebikes and invite special, high profile, guests to share their personal experiences of hunting on an ebike.

Dave Andre:

Dave is CEO and Co-Founder of BackCountry eBikes. He has an innovative gift for designing and engineering products that are forward thinking. He is a skilled and talented cyclist, athlete, hunter, and back country navigator. Dave always seems to be in the right place at the right time during any hunt. However, this doesn’t happen by chance, as he spends countless hours in the outdoors, and in planning his hunts and excursions. Dave has harvested several North American trophy animals including 370+ bull elk, massive Tom mountain lions, and giant Mule deer.

Bryan Child:

Bryan is CFO and Co-Founder of BackCountry eBikes.  He’s an avid cyclist, Ironman triathlete, outdoorsman, bow hunter, husband, and father.  He is meticulous when it comes to quality and demands the very best from himself and his team.  Bryan has harvested many trophy big game animals and lives to be in the outdoors.



Nate Simmons:

An extreme back country bow hunter, Nate prides himself on being a self-sufficient DIY hunter. He is Producer and Co-Host of The Western Hunter TV show, a past Co-Producer of Eastman’s’ Hunting TV, and has written dozens of hunting articles in the Western Hunter magazine.

Chris Denham:

Chris has been hunting and/or guiding elk hunters in the Southwest for most of his adult life. He has served as the editor of Western Hunter Magazine for the past several years and is intensely involved in wildlife conservation work. Chris helped to start the Outdoor Experience 4 All, which helps children with terminal or life-limiting illnesses to go on the hunt of their dreams.

Sidney Smith:

Sid is an inspiration to all that know him.  He is a double amputee blade runner, triathlete, archer, husband, father, outdoorsman, and motivational speaker.  Sid is BackCountry eBikes current Inspirational athlete of the year and continues to have a profound influence as he pushes boundaries and conquers the seemingly impossible.

Paul Servey:

Paul, aka, “Mountain Goat Pauly”, is an avid back country hunter. He lives to be in the outdoors, loves his horses and his family. You will often find him pushing the limits by accessing and hunting those, nearly impossible to reach areas. This dedication and commitment have brought him some big success. He’s been featured in Avid Magazine, been on the Outdoor Channel and stars in many YouTube hunting films. He is a big advocate for many wonderful foundations such as Wishes for Warriors and the Mule Deer Foundation.

Cheston Davis:

Cheston is founder and CEO of Phone Skope and Utah Hydrographics. He is well respected by his peers throughout the hunting and outdoor industry.  Cheston loves to be in the outdoors and is an extremely skilled hunter.  He has harvested many record book animals throughout North America and he knows how to access and hunt remote areas which has brought him this big success.