“The Mule 750 is an awesome bike for an all terrain trail biking experience!! I packed 45 pounds of whitetail gear up a 1000 foot climb with it. with using mode 5 in the peddle assist i only used 30% of the batter in over a 2 mile climb with all that weight. I would love to have an opportunity to hunt elk or turkey in the western united states as i believe it would drastically improve your opportunity at any game. Thank you for creating a tough bike.”

Reuben B.

“It rained and snowed all  week and the roads were not passable in trucks. But we were able to ride in on our Mule 1000’s and found some toads. Trailer handled great too. What a blast this mule is.” “I packed 5 of the 6 animals i harvested this year with my mule and hunting cargo trailer, It worked like a charm. We covered many miles with the bike and it makes things easier for sure! I think my favorite part is how silent it is.”

Kevin L.

“My personal opinion of the bike is that i truly opens up many opportunities to get into higher country areas that other hunters are not able to reach and to do it in a way that you do not scare any game off because of how silent it is. I have ridden my bike to within 30 yards of two black bears and 3 mountain lions and they never even heard me coming, I have come up on bull elk, big bucks and it has put me in many opportunities to get shots and harvest great game. I love the personalised customer service and how easy it is for me to be able to reach out to BackCountry eBikes and be able to get help literally any time I am in need. Thank you Thank you Thank you I would not ever want to do a hunt without my Mule 1000 ever again.”

Kolten B.

“Simply put there is nothing on the market that comes close to the fit, finish and quality of this bike. It has transformed my life and I use it EVERY day as a way to run pups, hunt, scout and as a back and forth ride with my trailer out to the kennel. I will be buying another very soon for my junior hunter. Love it!”

Michael N.

“I would highly recommend backcountry ebikes. Dave was a very knowledgeable and awesome dude. He set me and my brother up with everything we needed.”

Grant H.

“Great bikes and an even better staff!”

Brian F.

“BackCountry eBikes are a game changer when it comes to accessing my hunting area! I travel over 3,000ft up in elevation over 4 miles to access my hunting grounds. Normally this would take me over 2 hours to hike but I can reach this distance in 45 minutes with my BackCountry Mule! It not only saves time but saves my legs so that I still have energy to hike around and chase deer and elk. I recommend these 100%!”

Trent W.

“We purchased our BackCountry bike at the beginning of this past year and used it during our hunts and it latterly saved us so much time and energy vs. hiking down narrow trails. Great addition to you hunting equipment!”

SureCan USA

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