Why BackCountry eBikes

I am frequently asked “Why should I buy an ebike from BackCountry eBikes instead of another hunting ebike company?” My answer is simple; we use the #1 Bafang mid-drive motor on the market, the Ultra motor. The Ultra motor is not only the most durable and powerful Bafang mid-drive motor, but it is the only motor with a torque sensor. This torque sensor makes riding an ebike feel very natural. Without it, your motor gives you a pre-determined amount of power when you push on the pedals. This can be extremely dangerous when riding technical terrain and even more so, while riding technical terrain downhill. You need to be in complete control of your ebike or you are likely to end up on the ground. Similar to purchasing a car, your primary consideration in buying an ebike, should be the motor. From there, I help customers understand the importance of using the very best lithium ion batteries and why our batteries, carefully selected, are built to last longer and go farther. Lastly, I tell them we use top of the line air suspension forks, components, and gearing built to climb without sacrificing top-end speed. If you are looking for an ebike that is built to last and perform like you want it to, don’t be fooled, not all ebikes are created equal. Kolten VP Sales & Marketing, BackCountry eBikes